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How to join the DBA

In Downtown Big Rapids, we live and die together! No business is an island. The Downtown Business Association is the place where we join together as a community to create a thriving economy where we can all succeed. Joining the DBA can brings excellent networking, advertising, collaboration, and community participation opportunities to your business.

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  • The Big Rapids Downtown Business Association is a network of downtown businesses and individuals who work together to encourage and maintain business health and vitality in Downtown Big Rapids. The Downtown Business Association’s purpose is to establish partnerships with community and governmental agencies to deal with critical issues, promote Downtown, and enhance the overall quality of life in the Big Rapids area.

    Friends of the DBA are businesses or individuals that are supportive of the DBA and its mission, but are located outside of the designated downtown district, which is bound to the north by Pine Street, the south by Linden Street, the east by Warren Avenue, and the west by State Street.
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    Please make checks payable to Downtown Business Association of Big Rapids

    Return to: Big Rapids Downtown Business Association 226 North Michigan Avenue Big Rapids, MI 49307

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